Sisters, Just like you, I am only human and I don’t run from making mistakes. Most of you here are young and beautiful and passionate about many things in life. and Yes, as you grow more and more mature, there will come a time that you seek companion. Not from a girl, but from the opposite sex. I’ve been there. Sisters, I won’t judge you and I understand and know how it feels like to be in love. MasyaAllah, love is a beautiful feeling and emotion that Allah has blessed us with. But sisters, do not allow yourself to be trapped in the emotions of love that will cause you to go further and further away from Allah. Know why? Because Allah is the owner of our hearts, and only HE  should be kept in your heart and not anybody else. When our love for something or someone takes us out of the boundaries of Islam, that ‘love’ that may once have been pure, becomes polluted and tainted. Sisters, boyfriends are not allowed in Islam. It is forbidden. Having a relationship before marriage (boyfriend or girlfriend) is strictly forbidden. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upom him, is reported to have stated that “whenever two strangers of the opposite gender are alone with each other, Satan becomes the third one between them.” (At-Tirmidhi)”There is no such thing as “dating” in Islam. When young Muslims are able to marry, they are encouraged to find a suitable partner for marriage, following strict rules of courtship, and always keeping the intention of marriage at the forefront of any interaction. Sisters, the heart and the mind are the most powerful organs that Allah SWT has blessed us with. Never ever give control of them to anyone besides Allah SWT. Otherwise, you will be hurt and hurt very badly. Take it from me. I am not proud to say this but I have done this before and It left me devastated, hurt, broken, depressed..just completely crazy. And now, it is my duty as your ‘big sister / kakak’ to tell you to not commit yourself in any relationship before marriage because my experience was excrutiating. Janganlah adik-adik semua nak bercouple, couple tu haram di sisi Islam. When the time comes for you to get married, place your trust in Allah and know that your parents (as your guardians) have all the right to find a rightful spouse for you. In any instance that you like/have found someone, be sure to tell your parents too…and trust me, with the will of Allah, all things will fall into place. Orang melayu kata “Jodoh tak ke mana” =) Umar Al Khattab said it best - ” If something is meant to go elsewhere, it will never come your way, but if it is yours by destiny, from you it cannot flee”. I’d also like to share with you this beautiful quote from Sis Yasmin Mogahed:"Our completion comes from God and our relationship with Him. And yet, from the time we were little, we, as women, have been taught, that we will never reach completion until a man comes to complete us. Like Cinderella we were taught that we are helpless unless a prince comes to save us. Like Sleeping Beauty, we were told that our life doesn’t fully begin, until Prince Charming kisses us. But here’s the thing: no prince can complete you. And no knight can save you. Only God can."So, SAY NO TO PRE-MARITAL RELATIONSHIPS. Allah knows BEST.
p/s: I agreed to an Arranged Marriage set by my parents =) I was engaged for 8 months, and my fiance (now husband) and I never went out, no dates, no late night out, no touching and heyy Alhamdulillahx10000, i am happily married now. true story <3
I love you all, for the sake of Allah, and this advise is all from my heart.
Your sister - Nadia.

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The definition of islam byʿAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib (alaihis salam).

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